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ESCAN Members Mailing Lists

We are pleased to offer ESCAN members a subscription to our mailing lists. These mailing lists serve as a platform for communication among members. 

We offer three mailing lists:

1. General mailing list: It is used to receive messages from ESCAN members.

2. SIG ESCAN-Social Neuroscience´s mailing list: It is used to get informed about the SIG ESCAN-Social Neuroscience’s activities. 

3. ESCAN Junior Member Committee´s mailing list: It is used to get informed about activities of the ESCAN Junior Member Committee. 

Note that all ESCAN members can send messages to these lists.

We kindly request that you limit these emails to matters of general relevance for members, such as calls for special issues and job openings.

If you recently paid your fee as a new member, you will receive a separate notification by mail once we have processed your payment and added your account to the profile, enabling you to opt-in for the mailing list. Because of the manual work involved, we update the member database to reflect the most recent payments only 3 or 4 times a year.

How to receive mails?

To ensure that you receive these messages, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the login page and use the email address you used to pay your membership fee (all in lowercase) as user name.

2. Once logged in, navigate to the "profile" section.

3. In your profile settings, select the options to receive emails:

- Tick yes to if you want to receive messages sent by ESCAN members about workshops, job postings, etc...

- Tick yes to if you want to receive messages about SIG ESCAN-Social Neuroscience’s activities

- Tick yes to if you want to receive messages about the activities of the ESCAN Junior Member Committee

4. If you prefer to use a different email address, you can update it in your profile. However, please note that the user name itself cannot be changed.

How to send mails?

All ESCAN members with a profile on this website can mail to the mailing lists. Just use your preferred personal mail program and address it to Please ensure that you have indicated in your profile that you are willing to receive emails, and check whether the mail successfully reaches your inbox. In the event that the mail does not get through, please contact

Note that the ESCAN mailing list is not monitored on a daily basis. Thus, if you want to send a mail, the spirit is that it should be of relevance for most members. In case of doubt or problems, please contact the ESCAN board via

What should I do if I forget my password or if it's my first time logging in?

1. Click the “login” menu of the website

2. Click on the “Forgotten your password or username? Please click here to recover your personal information”. Use the mail address you used for the payment of your membership fee. You will get an email with a link. Please click this link.

3. Select a new password and confirm it.

The European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience aims to promote scientific enquiry within the field of human cognitive, affective and social neuroscience, particularly with respect to collaboration and exchange of information between researchers in different European countries through scientific meetings, workshops, summer schools, and such other activities.