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The SIG ESCAN-Social Neuroscience was formerly known as ESSAN (European Society of Social and Affective Neuroscience) and merged with ESCAN in 2024. 

ESSAN Past Meetings


22 June, 2021 Preconference MAKEITSOCIAL: Making a difference - the role of Social Neuroscience in addressing pressing societal challenges during the virtual ESCAN meeting 2021

The symposium was chaired by Claus Lamm, University of Vienna, and Lasana Harris, University College London


19 July 2018 workshop "Contextual: How the Social Context Shapes Brain and Behaviour" during the ESCAN meeting in Leiden, The Netherlands


4 July 2017 Preconference on "Social minds, Social brains" in conjunction with the EASP General Meeting 2017 in Granda, Spain


9-11 September 2015: Small Group Meeting on Social Neuroscience in Graz, Austria


28 August 2013: Pre-conference: "Does social neuroscience contribute to social cognition" at the ESCON Meeting 2013

24-28 June 2013: 3rd European Social and Affective Neuroscience Workshop


14 November 2011: Symposium on the Social Brain hosted by the Royal Academy in Brussels, Belgium

15-18 November 2011: 2nd European Social Neuroscience Workshop held in Ghent - Belgium


21-25 June 2010: 1st European Social Neuroscience Workshop held in Ghent - Belgium


May 22 – 25, 2008: Expert Meeting: Social Neuroscience approach to Social Cognition was held in Ghent, Belgium